Deck Table Water Feature

Deck Table Water Feature

I have found an approach to attracting many species of birds with water that overcomes much of the undesirable maintenance while offering exceptional bird viewing at close range.  The method presents water in a creative setting that emulates a ‘micro’ natural environment on a deck or patio.  Water is magic relative to birding watching.  Every bird needs to drink, thus, you can attract many species of birds including warblers that are not attracted to feeders.  Overall advantages: relatively easy to install and maintain, and provides a pleasing accent to a deck or patio landscaping.

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Suet Recipe

1 cup plain flour
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup vegetable shorter
4 cups plain corn meal


1. Mix all ingredients together well with a pastry blender.
2. Hand mold suet into 3-5 inch loafs, let sit for 1hr.
3. Cut into slices and dice into small portions.
4. Rolling the small portions into balls

Store all in zip-lock bag and refrigerate.
Use as desired.  

Alternate Method:  Leave in loaves, store in zip-lock bags and refrigerate; pinch off small amounts as desired.