Chimney Swift Migration Roost - First United Methodist Church, Huntsville, AL

In early fall large groups of Chimney Swifts migrate through North Alabama. In the evening the swifts gather in flocks, circle in a tornado-like mass to enter and roost in large chimneys for the night. Wednesday evening at dusk, August 31, Terry and I observed a Chimney Swift roost at First United Methodist Church in Huntsville, AL.  We estimated a total of over 1000 birds entering the chimney at a rate up to 55 birds per minute. In June 2013 the FUMC Board of Trustees passed a resolution to preserve the chimney as a Swift Roost site. The video illustrates the flock gathering at the roost and entering the chimney. Scenes like this may be seen at the chimney during September as swifts from northern states migrate south and form new roosting flocks.