Barbets, Batis, and Apalis

Barbets are medium size birds about 7-11 in. long. Six species resides in South Africa characterized by large bills used to dig cavities in dead wood for roosting and breeding. The Black-collared Barbet has a bright red face and throat, broadly bordered with black, and feeds mainly on fruit. The Crested Barbet has a distinctive shaggy crest and its size and shape resembles the Northern Cardinal. It feeds mainly on insects.  The Acacia Pied Barbet is similar in size and shape to the House Sparrow and feeds mainly on fruits.

Five species of Batis reside in South Africa and are between 5-6 in. long.   The Cape Batis is endemic to SA and mates for life.  The Chinspot Batis and Cape Batis feed by taking insects on the fly.

The Bar-throated Apalis is similar in size, shape and behavior to the Carolina Wren in North America, but has a longer tail. It is endemic to South Africa, and feeds almost entirely on insects.