Turacos, Grey Go-away-bird, Coucal and Cuckoos

The Knysna Turaco, formerly called the Knysna Lourie, feeds mainly on fruits and can become very tame and hand fed. The vivid plumage is an effective camouflage in its native habitat often inconspicuous in the treetops.  The Purple-crested Turaco has a purple colored crest above a green head, and a red ring around their eye.  They eat mainly fruit. The Grey Go-away-bird, also know as the Grey Lourie, is known for their nasal call “g’wa-ay, g’wa-ay”. A pest in orchards where it damages crops, it is also disliked by hunters because of its warning call. The Burchell’s Coucals is a species of cuckoo more often heard than seen.  It is known as South Africa’s “rainbird”, because it calls before, during and after rains. A voracious predator, it feeds mainly on birds, reptiles and frogs. The African Cuckoo’s diet is mainly hairy and smooth caterpillars.  It's dashing flight resembles a bird of prey. A ‘brood parasite’, it lays eggs in the nest of other birds.